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CALGARY, AB – May 20, 2017Change My Life Coaching recently donated to Heritage Park, and was welcomed in to the Heritage Club as members. The Heritage Club was created to pay homage to the pioneer and entrepreneurial spirit that forged settlements throughout western Canada. The Club plays a major role in maintaining the Park, and ensuring that the history of western settlement is never forgotten.

“When we contribute to preserving history, we are contributing to our legacy,” says Change My Life Coaching CEO Christopher Lawrence.  Heritage Park houses some of the finest examples of heritage buildings and architecture in Western Canada. Gasoline Alley Museum showcases a world-class collection of antique vehicles. The artifacts found within these collections set the stage to share the stories of the past. When Heritage Park was established in 1964, some of the exhibits were already more than 75 years old. The historical buildings and antique cars were not designed to withstand the high traffic and use they now experience.

“[Change My Life Coaching’s] generosity is imperative in ensuring the long-term success of the park,” remarks Laurene Mitchell, Donor Relations for Heritage Park.  All donations to the Heritage Club provide support for the Heritage Park Foundation’s efforts to ensure the long-term success of the Park. The Foundation initiates funding development for capital projects and the growth of the Park’s endowment – the Heritage Park Legacy Fund.

This weekend Heritage Park will be celebrating their opening weekend.  It is a great opportunity to participate and have a family fun long-weekend at the park. “It is not only companies that can donate, as a personal individual you too can donate,” continues CEO Christopher Lawrence. Change My Life Coaching plans to continue and leverage their relationship with Heritage Park.

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